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Celebrating Easter in Slovenia

Easter is the most important and second biggest Christian holiday that is celebrated by most of people in Slovenia. Christians on this day celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. Although we celebrated it a bit different this year (because of COVID-19), most of Slovenes celebrated it according to tradition.
We start celebrating Easter on ‘Good Friday’ (in Slovenia ‘Big Friday’) when we must not eat any type of meat. On the same day most of families colour cooked eggs, called “pirhi”.
On ‘Pentecost Sunday’ (in Slovenia ‘Big Saturday’) we take “pirhi”, cooked meat and sausages, horseradish, bread and “potica” to churches where priests bless them with holy water (in Slovenia we usually say “žegnanje”). Only from that moment on we’re allowed to eat meat again.
On the ‘Easter Sunday’ early in the morning comes the ‘Easter Bunny’ that hides “pirhi” and little chocolate bunnies around our houses. When children wake up they run out and find them. After that families have breakfast together.
Easter ends on ‘Easter Monday’ that is a work-free day.

Matic Mohorko, 8.b


Easter is one of the biggest Christian holiday, is it also a family holiday because it is celebrated in the wider family circle.
Easter is a Christian holiday when people are reminded on Good Friday of Christ’s suffering. On Saturday evening they sing the song Hallelujah and on Sunday they remember how Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead.
It starts with the first Sunday after the first spring full moon. Palm Sunday is an introduction to Easter week. On that day people go to Easter blessing in a church and they bring with them bundles. In bundles they have fresh greenery, vegetation and olive branches.
For Easter there are also traditional Easter food like horseradish, ham, Easter eggs, walnut cake, flat cake, fruit bread and others.
This culinary specialties have some meaning, like walnut cake presents the crown of Christ, red Easter eggs present the blood and the horseradish is a symbol for nails.
On Easter Monday people have Easter breakfast when they eat this traditional Easter food. They bring each other blessings.
Easter bunny is also typical for that holiday, but it isn’t a symbol of Easter. It’s just a story about a bunny which brings Easter eggs (chocolate eggs), actually it hides them and then children look for them.

Ana Iršič, 8. c
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