Med jesenskimi počitnicami so učenci 8. in 9. razredov pri angleščini za nadarjene raziskovali o prazniku Halloween in se nato preizkusili v pisanju strašljivih zgodb.

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A halloween disaster
We were trick-or-treating. We took a shortcut through the forest, but we got lost. It started to rain, so we walked around and found an old, abandoned house. We went inside and started to eat a chocolate bar, when we heard footsteps from the stairs. Me and my friend wanted to go there and check, but the other two didn’t want to stay alone, so we all went. When we got to the top of the stairs, we saw a shadow of a human body that moved into a room in front of us. We got terrified but our curiosity took over. We opened the door and saw a man. He had a bag in his left hand but we couldn’t see what was inside. There was also another bag on the floor behind him, and what we saw left us speechless. It was a woman’s corpse. One of my friends fainted and the other one screamed. The murderer turned around with his eyes wide open. In his right hand he had a gun. We slowly started walking back to the stairs. Than we started running. We ran out the house. When we got to our village, we were exhausted but we still told e
veryone what has happened. A few men from the village ran to the abandoned house and brought the girls back. And for the murderer, he was found few days after searching, and he was sentenced to death. They said that the corpses were the queen and the president. That was the creepiest adventure in my life.

Nina, Tina, Zarja, 8.c

The door cracked open and we went inside, sat down and started to eat a chocolate bar, when we heard a loud noise coming from the basement. My friends screamed from fear. We ran down the hall, away from the basement. We saw a light coming from the left side of the hall. There were a bunch of cobwebs covering the door, that led to the exit. We heard some footsteps behind us. We ran out the house. There was a dawn outside. Then suddenly something happened. I woke up in my bed. I was confused at first, but then I realized it was just a bad dream. The noises I heard were coming from my cat.

Patrik Resman, 8. b & Filip Vuk, 8.a

Mentorica Valentina Vehovar
6.11.2019 | Število ogledov: 18

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